Semiotics are an everyday symbol we come across, they represent places and items without the need of a social contextualisation or wording of what they are. It’s very interesting how we’re brought up around these symbols, but never actually told exactly what they mean, we just know, as if our watching of other peoples actions and behaviours has shown us what they stand for.
Semiotics can hold great significance for explaining situations and rules without the need to make huge lists, which we would not even attempt to read because of their length. Most people will just ignore signs with lots of writing because they see it as irrelevant. Whereas when we use semiotic signs people can just scan around and know exactly what they mean in the matter of milliseconds.
That’s the everyday use of semiotics, but where they start to get really interesting is the semiotics in music videos/films/art work etc they take on a completely different entity, where they can symbolise not only rules (what most semiotics in everyday life represent) but instead hint towards wealth, power, having a family, and pretty much anything you could imagine. 

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