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Recently we were given a lecture on the work and blogs of other photographers and similar practitioners, this was a method for us to get an insight into how our blogs should look and feel if we were aiming for a completely professional feel and look to our work. 
The beauty of Blogs is that there isn’t a specific template on how they should look; you have complete artistic control for where you want to take your blog. This allows everyone to put their own identity on their blogs. 
Here are a few of the blogs that were shown to us in the seminar…

Cup Of Pea - http://cupofpea.blogspot.co.uk/

Hot Shoe - http://hotshoeblog.wordpress.com/

Little Brown Mushroom - http://littlebrownmushroom.wordpress.com/

100 Words Photography - 1000wordsphotographymagazine.blogspot.com/

Lenscratch - http://www.lenscratch.com/

The stand out blog for me was Lenscratch, as much as I like blogs to offer an in-depth opinion and spin on what you’re looking at, I see them more as a springboard of inspiration. What I want from a blog is to have the opportunity to jump through loads of pictures and be inspired by what I see, but not only that, I want the opportunity to read articles and learn more as well. And I feel that this is exactly what Lenscratch offers me as a reader.
This is something I will be taking on board big time when my blog starts to gain more substance and pace.

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