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Saul Landell, a photographer from Spain is a fascinating photographer who produces some mesmerising images, not just photographically affluent, but in both post production and adding back stories to his images.
It's very complicated to explain how fascinating his work is without seeing the images yourself, so feel free to have a look and get back to me on what you think. And of course, give him all the support you can, it's what us photographers thrive on.

Here is the description to his page of images, this was originally in Spanish and just put through google translate, so apologies for any inaccuracies. But i feel it very important for you to read what he has to say about his images as it is the most accurate manor of explaining them:

"Between the real and the possible ... could well be that the definition of what I do, pictures that are made from other images, dreams and fantasies that disturb, exploring the intimate space. I have no answers, if any more questions, just trying to explore in order to have referenceswhen I play live, the contemporary generation that calls me, I'm a tell stories .......... improbable stories, impossible more characteristic ofsurrealism or magical realism that rampant urbanization and asepticareas. I go for self, trying to explain what separates man from reality. I find irresistible abstraction ability of photography to perceive reality in spite of being a fiction, so the mirrors, water, horizon and dream places, intimate ....

In the urban culture to globalization and its imposition of trends andstyles that match a consumer society ... back to the intimate and evenkitsch, I roads and paths and overcome by "pure" art and photographyofficially my seat is in the caboose of the train of the photographic art, I'm no photographer, I'm just a craftsman of the visual.Thanks to come up here and be my accomplice, thanks for makingmagic with me through your eyes"(1)

(1) -   (12/May/2012)

(All rights to these images are reserved and are the property of Saul Landell)
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